Our staff of Recovery Coaches are state certified. Recovery coaching is the next step after treatment, for those individuals in early stages of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. We walk this road of recovery with the individual. By listening to and truly hearing the individual, we identify underlying issues, are then able to meet them where they are and help determine what is best for each individual based their specific needs. We also work closely with the individual’s family as well, which has often times been devastated by their loved ones disease. We offer comprehensive, individualized recovery coaching for both men and women. A unique recovery plan is completed with each individual and family based on their specific needs. We:

  • Provide emotional support within healthy boundaries of mentoring, introduction to sober activities, and support groups
  • Present informational support through referrals to health, wellness, legal, and educational assistance
  • Provide instrumental support with stressful tasks such as licenses and insurance, applications and entitlements, court hearings, family reunification
  • Offer companionship in person, via phone, email, and text. A Recovery Coach is a reliable sources of support for those new in recovery

We also:

  • Strengthen communication between the individual and treatment professionals, peer and support groups, and their family
  • Address crucial life domains such as relationships/family, employment/education, and spirituality
  • Provide lifestyle support by introducing the individual to a new community that thrives in a sober life
  • Utilize peer based that encourages individuals to share common solutions to common problems
  • Provide consistent, non-judgmental, flexible support
  • Promote healthy family relationships by establishing boundaries, managing expectations, and rebuilding trust
  • Successfully change patterns of failure into patterns and strategies for sober living

Often times, a family, while frustrated and increasingly devastated by a loved one’s addiction, are unable to stop participating in the insanity of the disease, and see no way out. However, the family can be one of the most strong, positive influence on the addict’s decision to seek treatment. Working with our certified staff of Intervention Specialists, families receive the support they need to become part of their loved one’s journey into recovery. We work with the family in becoming part of the solution so that they recover as well. Our intervention services include the following:

  • Preparatory meetings with family members
  • Prearrangement with a treatment facility best suited for the individual’s needs (including transportation)
  • Facilitation of the intervention meeting
  • Recovery coaching of family members while loved one is in treatment
  • Meetings with the individual while in treatment
  • Facilitating transitional living after treatment
  • Arranging referrals to mental health/after care professionals as needed
  • Recovery coaching with the individual after discharge from treatment facility
  • Recovery coaching with the family after individual released from treatment

Prodigal House, operated by Recovery Coaching Services, has been in operation since 2013. Without an institutional feel, Prodigal House feels like a home, while providing a safe, supportive, and structured living environment. Housing is provided for up to seven men, ages 18+. It is located in a quiet residential community and is beautifully landscaped with quiet outdoor spaces and a BBQ area. Prodigal House is staffed 24 hours, with a Recovery Coach on staff, House and Operations Managers, as well as a Overnight Manager. Prodigal House is also supported by the entire Recovery Coaching Services team. Residents also have access to a peaceful and serene 75 acre farm located in nearby Oley Valley, Pennsylvania. In combination with housing and recovery coaching (with residents and their families), services include the following:

  • Shared meals, with all food provided
  • Transportation (first two weeks of stay)
  • Nearby public transportation
  • Onsite laundry facilities
  • Onsite workout room/equipment
  • Physical training
  • Recreational activities
  • Introduction to local 12 step meetings/fellowship
  • Peer support groups
  • Life skills training
  • Relationships
  • Mental health referrals
  • Equine therapy
  • Spirituality
  • Assistance with finding employment/volunteer opportunities
  • Family orientation

Prodigal House creates an environment that encourages residents, and prepares them for the next step in their recovery and independent living. After a 2-3 week orientation, residents are expected to be employed full time or volunteering full time. While at Prodigal House, the men bond as a family. They are provided the opportunity of maintaining “their” home by performing house chores, shopping, and meal planning and preparation. Nutritional, healthy eating habits are encouraged. Prodigal House provides the time and support each resident needs to develop comfortable clean time. Attendance at facilitated weekly house and peer group meetings provide a platform of resolving disputes among “the family”, and a time to work together to keep recovery at the heart of Prodigal House operations.

While residing at Prodigal House, the safety of each resident is of greatest concern. The house is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system and emergency lighting. An emergency preparedness plan is in force in case of emergencies, such as loss of power, hurricanes, etc. Emergency food supplies are maintained in house, and emergency “drills” are conducted. A record of resident medications is kept, with medications secured in the onsite business office. Sign in/out protocols are maintained so resident whereabouts are known at all times. Prodigal House is smoke free, with designated smoking areas outside.

Under contract with the County of Berks, Recovery Coaching Services provides recovery coaching support to both male and female juveniles, who are on probation, through the Juvenile Justice System, for offenses related to drug and/or alcohol. Each individual is assigned a Certified Recovery Coach. The services and support provided are identical to those provided to the individuals and families of all our recovery coaching clients, including the facilitation of inpatient treatment when necessary, recovery care planning, Family Education Program, Herd By A Horse equine therapy, individual and group sessions, etc.

Our Recovery Coaches work closely with the Juvenile Probation Officer assigned to each individual.

The Berks County Juvenile Probation Department is one of 36 sites nationally to participate in JJ-TRIALS (Juvenile Justice-Translating Research on Interventions for Adolescents in the Legal System). We are honored that, as one of their valued resources, JPO invited Recovery Coaching Services to jointly participate in this study. Over the course of two years, the team is working with Temple University. This is a collaborative initiative with the overall goal of reducing the unmet substance abuse related needs of justice involved youth. The particular focus of this initiative is to improve our shared understanding of how best to help organizations successfully adopt and sustain research-based best practices in substance abuse treatment, prevention, and related behavioral health problems.

Our Family Education Program raises the standards of education and experience for those families impacted by a loved one’s addiction. The FEP addresses and provides education and support to clients and family members in recovery. The FEP brings the families of those impacted by addiction together for the purpose of education and fellowship. Statistically it is known that individuals suffering from the disease of addiction suffer fewer relapses when their families have experienced an FEP. The FEP helps to prevent relapse and give families the opportunity to learn how to communicate and support their loved ones rather than enable the disease.

The FEP is held at our offices located at 505 Penn Street in Reading, Pennsylvania. The FEP consists of 8 workshops, as follows:

  • Disease Model of Addiction
  • Progression of Addiction
  • Impact of Families
  • Enabling vs Supportive Behavior
  • Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Healthy Communication
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Roles in the Family

Recovery Coaching Services incorporates Equine Therapy into our programming through a relationship with Herd By A Horse. Herd By A Horse provides therapeutic services for individual adolescents and adults, as well as their families, who are dealing with personal growth, communication concerns, anxiety, parenting issues, or who are in recovery. Herd By A Horse utilizes the EAGALA Model that provides a standard and structure for providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning sessions. Practicing within this model establishes a foundation of key values and beliefs, and provides a basis of good practice and professionalism.

As Owner and Facilitator, David Rosenker has been working with adolescents and adults since 1976. He is EAGALA certified as a Mental Health and Equine Specialist. He career in counseling spans more than 40 years. Locally, David worked with the world renowned Caron Treatment Centers for almost 20 years. During his tenure at Caron, he was responsible for many areas such as the clinical management of adult and adolescent services, outpatient services, admissions, and business development. David has appeared and been quoted in numerous news and television outlets such as The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, Web MD, etc. He continues to speak at local, regional, and international conferences on addictions and mental health, on adolescent and young adult addiction, parenting, executive addiction, and the generational effects on drug/alcohol use today.