Our staff of Recovery Coaches are state certified. Recovery coaching is the next step after treatment, for those individuals in early stages of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. We walk this road of recovery with the individual. By listening to and truly hearing the individual, we identify underlying issues, and are then able to meet them where they are and help determine what is best for each individual based on their specific needs. We also work closely with the individual’s family as well, which has often times been devastated by their loved ones disease. We offer comprehensive, individualized recovery coaching for both men and women. A unique recovery plan is completed with each individual and family based on their specific needs. We:

  • Provide emotional support within healthy boundaries of mentoring, introduction to sober activities, and support groups
  • Present informational support through referrals to health, wellness, legal, and educational assistance
  • Provide instrumental support with stressful tasks such as licenses and insurance, applications and entitlements, court hearings, family reunification
  • Offer companionship in person, via phone, email, and text. A Recovery Coach is a reliable sources of support for those new in recovery

We also:

  • Strengthen communication between the individual and treatment professionals, peer and support groups, and their family
  • Address crucial life domains such as relationships/family, employment/education, and spirituality
  • Provide lifestyle support by introducing the individual to a new community that thrives in a sober life
  • Utilize peer based that encourages individuals to share common solutions to common problems
  • Provide consistent, non-judgmental, flexible support
  • Promote healthy family relationships by establishing boundaries, managing expectations, and rebuilding trust
  • Successfully change patterns of failure into patterns and strategies for sober living