Recovery Coaching Services, Inc.
is dedicated to serving individuals and families in their journey of recovery from alcoholism and addictions by providing support and guidance through Recovery Coaching to ensure best possible outcomes.

RCS provides two different programs to those beginning the journey of recovery.

The first program is non-residential, located at 505 Penn Street in Reading, PA. A comprehensive and individual recovery coaching for men and women. Sam Albert, the President of RCS, creates an individual plan for each client and family based on their specific needs.

Plans are crafted for each individual with many components in mind, some of which are:

  • Chemical Dependence Recovery
  • Education and Employment
  • Personal Goals in Recovery
  • Relationships
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Living Arrangements

When the client’s individual plan is created, they are offered numerous workshops that will help them along the road to recovery.

These workshops include:

  • Experiencing Recovery
  • Feelings/Emotions Management
  • Relapse Preventions
  • 12 Step Sponsorship and Support
  • Families

Along with these workshops, individual and group counseling with experienced professionals and peer support groups are also offered.

Sam Albert

The second program is The Prodigal House, which combines living accommodations and recovery coaching for men.

Prodigal House

The Prodigal House provides a stable and clean environment and housing for up to five men.

RCS is focused on improving social and family relationships. Family luncheons and group sessions are hosted on a regular basis. Along with these, regular sponsorship dinners are held to engage clients with the surrounding recovery community. Through these events, clients are able to mend relationships and discover the support they need for the rest of their lives.