Recovery Coaching Services incorporates Equine Therapy into our programming through a relationship with Herd By A Horse. Herd By A Horse provides therapeutic services for individual adolescents and adults, as well as their families, who are dealing with personal growth, communication concerns, anxiety, parenting issues, or who are in recovery. Herd By A Horse utilizes the EAGALA Model that provides a standard and structure for providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning sessions. Practicing within this model establishes a foundation of key values and beliefs, and provides a basis of good practice and professionalism.

As Owner and Facilitator, David Rosenker has been working with adolescents and adults since 1976. He is EAGALA certified as a Mental Health and Equine Specialist. His career in counseling spans more than 40 years. Locally, David worked with the world renowned Caron Treatment Centers for almost 20 years. During his tenure at Caron, he was responsible for many areas such as the clinical management of adult and adolescent services, outpatient services, admissions, and business development. David has appeared and been quoted in numerous news and television outlets such as The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, Web MD, etc. He continues to speak at local, regional, and international conferences on addictions and mental health, adolescent and young adult addiction, parenting, executive addiction, and the generational effects on drug/alcohol use today.